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Why Eleazar is Running

Whether it’s been organizing relief aid to disaster zones, pushing our leaders to help the neediest, or standing up to powerful interests, Eleazar Meléndez has dedicated his life to positive change... by any means necessary.

Eleazar is requesting your support as he campaigns to be the next commissioner for Miami's First District because he believes in our community and knows we deserve better.

Eleazar has a vision of our community that takes on our most pressing issues head on. It’s a vision where children play in safe and clean streets, where people going to and coming from work are not stuck in traffic for hours, where neighbors are part of a resilient community that helps each other in times of crisis. It’s a vision where Miami further prioritizes addressing flooding worsened by sea level rise and natural disasters made more frequent by climate change, where we do something about the high cost of housing, and fix the traffic nightmare in our streets.

Having already worked inside City Hall as an aide, Eleazar knows how to turn that VISION into ACTION, making sure that while big issues are being tackled, streets get fixed, trash and debris gets picked up, swales and sidewalks are improved, parks are given appropriate attention and enough funding is provided to serve the needs of our children and elderly.

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